Company Profile

Company Profile

    ANTONIA CO., LTD established in 2013. Our company are engaging in the cosmetics, fragrances, skincare products. Being an agent, a distributor and a wholesaler, we are thriving with the business philosophy of pragmatism and honesty.

    We are expanding our business in a planned way. We pay attention to the development of the target market. In order to grasp at the pulse of the market and satisfy the differentiated demand, we actively import international brands, thousands of various types of goods yearly.

    We operate the products agent and distribution business at the same time. We are the distributor of Elizabeth Arden Taiwan for many years. We have the perfect partnership with Elizabeth Arden Taiwan. ANTONIA is the best partner to help them to sell goods and expand the market. We are also the agents of Japanese and Korean brand products.

    We have more than 200 customers of beauty retailers and perfume boutiques(included the physical stores and EC stores). As a wholesaler, we have a stable and good supply relationship with our customers over the years. At the same time, we are always the first choice for these years to the hypermarkets and chain drug stores. Due to understanding the market conditions and keeping pace with the world, we can immediately reflect and supply our customers’ needs. ANTONIA has a good reputation from customers’ support and affirmation.

    With the diversified role, ANTONIA in Taiwan possesses extensive experience.  We are actively doing business with the partners who aspire to win-win together in the world!